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Mongol Derby 2015 Medics Blog 13/08/2015

(Medic Carl)

Thus it ends...... 1008 horses 1003 kilometers 37 degrees of heat 37 riders, 28 legs,  14 drivers, 13 interpreters, 13 hypothermic patients, 9 days, 8 Vets, 8 event managers, 7 IV lines,  3 stitches, 2 Medic teams and 1 evacuation.

 But the numbers say nothing of the grit, determination and tenacity of the riders who have completed the 2015 Mongol Derby. The Medics provided support across all of the 1003 kilometers through IV rehydration, antiemetic’s, stitches (a deep facial wound), passive warming, haematuria, wound dressings and that's just the riders. The locals soon got word when a medic team was in the area. The Mongolians provided an array of different conditions including a finger amputation, rotator cuff tear, angina aplenty, migraine, gastritis, kidney pain (god knows what that was), post thyroidectomy care, trauma to many areas from falls from many devices both mechanised and living, and over 50 blood pressure checks

 It has been a privilege to be met by, stayed with and fed by so many generous Mongolian families. Their hospitality was limitless, including some giving up their own bed to accommodate the sick and injured. We have enjoyed the experience of traversing this endless rolling landscape, from the open Steppe to the river gorges to the mountains. Looking forward to 2016.