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GO-60 Expedition

Day 4.  I woke up early this morning, feeling slightly refreshed and ready to enjoy the day hopefully in China. Our guide said he would meet us about 10:00 and so we set off to find some breakfast. All the little shops looked alike and so we plumpted for one with lots of people in hoping that would be a good sign! We pointed at what we wanted but got some onion bread instead, though nice it was!

We headed to exchange some dollars as they aren't accepted here and on the way back to the hotel we wandered into a little market. It smelt fantstic with all the aromas of the spices but looked like somwhere I wouldn't fancy buying meat or veg from, especially after we saw a women battering a fish over the head on a drain and bunny rabbits nibbling the veg!

We met up with Xiao our guide (pronounced Chow) and decided the 25 minute walk to the border in the heat was a little too much and so we hopped into a 3 wheeled taxi, which had a can of pop holding open the engine so it didn't overheat and was no bigger than a Smart car which we successfully managed to fit 3 people in!!

The border took till 14:00 and then we were on our way. The road out of town were harder roads than we had driven on so far, with massive pot holes and so much dust we struggled to see the cars in front. The guys were very impressed with how the cars performed and I thought that the seats were very comfy and that's as far as my car knowledge goes!!

We made it to Yining about 16:30 and our cars were scanned and MOT'd, this had to take place before we could get our chinese licenses; I thought this a little odd as we had already driven approx 100km in China. The cars passed with flying colours and we headed for our licences. So far we have been waiting 2 hours...we have made different shapes with our cars and Lisa has been showing us how 4 people can make a bicycle,...if your lucky we have pictures to show!

No food again and its now 20:30, I think I shall recommend this for the crash dieters out there!!

We have decided to find a hotel when hopefullly we have our licences and make an early start in the morning!

Melissa Wade SRP